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Grayling Spawning Survey

The GRT has launched a project to record sightings and the timing of grayling spawning; i.e. actually laying eggs, rather than just pre-spawning movements onto spawning areas, or pre-spawning behaviour, which are also of interest, but take place over a longer time. This study is being undertaken because there is little information on the timing of grayling spawning and how this varies across the country/continent. It is hoped that the findings from this study will be used to inform the planning of in-stream engineering works and help protect important spawning habitat. If you are out on the river bank and notice grayling spawning, please let the GRT know: the River, Date, Location (NGR, or marked up map, if possible but certainly at least nearest town/village) and any additional observations. To make reporting sightings easy, a short submission form is available below or simply tweet (@GRT_Updates or #graylingspawning). Results will be mapped and displayed on the GRT website as they come in, and a full report will be presented at the AGM in Pickering, so you can compare rivers.

To help people recognise when grayling are spawning, a video is available to watch on the GRT website under About Grayling (Spawning).

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